It’s been awhile…

I know we have been slacking but there is so much going on.

Just a few updates…

We have officially set up a company for our Build.  Check out or website…still very much a work in progress.


Our facility is done and dusted!

We have also begun documenting our progress via youtube.  Check out the videos below.  Feel free to like/subscribe and comment.  We appreciate all the feedback.

And we recently completed a total refit on a 27′ stiletto.


A few other highlights.

We now have AC at the shed which has been a lifesaver during the recent heatwave.

Our starboard hull is now pretty much all laminated and only a few weeks from being ready to flip.  I hope to have a video update on it soon

Hopefully another blog/photos soon, though most of our efforts are focused on the Vlogs.

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