Since our journey south from Maryland in November, there have been heaps of people that have helped us, whether that be with their precious time or knowledge.


Here are a few that we’d like to recognize:


Capt Geri and Leo with Nautor Marine at Rickenbaucker Marina, Key Biscayne, FL.

Not sure where to even start with these lovely guys, but they were a huge help to us while we were in Miami with boat problems (I say boat because almost everything broke while we were there).  They invited us to their office, feed us cup after cup of us espresso and chatted with us for hours about our plans and gave us advice.  They were both such a wealth of knowledge and we would probably still be at the Marine Stadium anchorage if it weren’t for them and we are lucky to have gained them as friends.  They say everything happens for a reason, and if our boat hadn’t been falling to pieces than we would have never met them 😉  Always the optimist.  If you are having electronic issues and are in the Miami area, I highly recommend contacting them.


Jon Bergmann and our fellow liveaboards back at Calvert Marina.  Jon spent so many hours helping Ridge with projects!  Anytime Ridge was struggling with something, he knew who he could go to for advice.  Jon always made himself available to help any of the liveaboards at Calvert and probably beyond.  He helped us sort out our generator and our stove (among many other things) and those were both VERY lengthy jobs.  He is a great guy and we are lucky to call him our friend.

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