My first blog post


Ridge and I decided to start this blog to keep our loved ones updated on where we are in hopes that they will come and join us 😉

It has been a lifelong dream of my husbands to go cruising one day as an adult and we are finally about to see that dream come true…once things stop breaking on the boat and we are able to set sail!

Our game plan for this trip is as follows:

November 5, 2016 (weather permitting) we head south towards Florida. We will be going offshore instead of taking the ICW.

Once we arrive in Florida (still deciding where), we plan to get the boat on the hard and both stay and work on the boat at the marina until the end of November.

December 1, 2016 Ridge and I fly out of Atlanta to Sydney Australia to visit Alex and Peter for Christmas. We arrive on December 3, 2016 (in the future) and will be spending 44 days over there—flying all over Australia and eventually on to New Zealand. We fly home from New Zealand on January 13, 2017 and arrive in DC also on January 13, 2017 (we will be coming from the future). Once back in DC we will pick up our dog, Apollo, who will be extremely excited to see us but also really bitter that we left him for so long. Once he stops pouting and he realizes that he doesn’t have thumbs to open up cans of dog food on his own and begins to love us again, we will drive south to the boat in Florida. From there we will wait for a weather window to cross into the Bahamas. We will be there for several months—family and friends—take advantage of this and come and visit us 🙂

We will update you all as things get going but right now it is a lot of fixing things that are broken, then having them break again, trouble shooting, realizing we can’t fix said things, crying, yelling, binge eating our feelings, provisioning and getting rid of crap we don’t need…mainly Ridges shoes (he has a lot of shoes for a man).

Can’t wait to have you all follow us along on our adventure!



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